Get the Best Apartment with an Iconic View

“What a beautiful day!” you think as you wake up and open your eyes. The sun is shining through the drapes and you can’t help it, you just have to go to the window and draw them apart. And when you do, a breathtaking scene reveals in front of you: the sun has just come up above the endless ocean, and there are a few people walking on the beach… Yes, we see that a lot in movies, and then we think with some bitterness: “Lucky people to have such an extraordinary view”. Well, it sure isn’t about luck as much as about money. And it is true that a great view makes an apartment worth a fortune. But some people might say that view is not everything. And it’s true in my opinion. I have seen another movie about a couple who got a huge loan to get their dream home in a big city which of course had a breath taking view, but the home itself was a studio so small that even I had the feeling I would be falling out from floor 49 as I watched it.

So as I was saying view is not everything. But it sure means a lot to many of us. Just imagine the same waking up scene and as you go to the window and draw the curtains, what reveals in front of you is the firewall of the next building. If someone tells me that it is all right, sorry but I don’t believe it. It is one thing that you are pleased to have a decent home and you can’t afford an apartment with a view, because most people can’t afford a luxurious apartment. But it would definitely be a lie to say you like to see your neighbor’s wall all day long. Let’s be honest about it: dreaming is for free.

But maybe you don’t need to stick with dreaming after all. Not only views from skyscrapers or beach views are beautiful. You might just search for apartments in Tampa that have views towards a park, some trees, a busy street or a playground. Anyway it is proven fact that seeing some nature can decrease stress and is good for health. It is true that the more beautiful the view is the more expensive the apartment gets. For example apartments in the New York luxurious skyscrapers start at about 50 million dollars, and the higher you go the more money you have to pay.

Anyway, dream or reality, breathtaking or just common, a view can change the way you look out in the world. And not just that, it can change your mood, your zest for life. And just remember: if you are sad, or your children are too noisy, or your boss just keeps giving you a hard time, don’t forget to take a look outside the window. It might change the way you feel in an instant. And if you have some time, take a few moments to just gaze out the window. You might be surprised to find out that your view is not so ordinary at all.